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Most people don’t even know what a turbo cleaner is or what it can do. When a garage informs you that a replacement turbo could cost £100’s or maybe even £1000’s to replace you will want to know what a turbo cleaner is as it could solve the problem, step forward, Diesel Turbo Cleaner.

Diesel Turbo Cleaner

Diesel Turbo Cleaner is a money saving product that removes carbon deposits from the inside of a turbo, improving efficiency and the life of the turbo. Using a turbo cleaner can remedy many of the issues that a turbo can experience and in turn save you the cost of purchasing a new turbo. Diesel Turbo Cleaner will not fix every issue and problem you have with your turbo but if you have one of the following issues then you could save yourself a lot of money.

  • Limp Mode
  • Over Boost Fault Code – 17965
  • Sticking Engine Actuator
  • Faulty N75 Valve
  • Faulty MAP Sensor
  • Sticking Vanes

So if the garage has confirmed to you that the reason your turbo is failing is one of the above issues then by using Diesel Turbo Cleaner you could stand to save £100’s - £1000's on your garage bill. The main cause of these issues is the build up of carbon inside the turbo, which eventually leads to a major drop in performance and efficiency and ultimately total turbo failure.

Do not think that Diesel Turbo Cleaner can only be used after you have had an issue with your diesel turbo it can also be used as a preventative to protect against the build up of carbon deposits inside your turbo, thus extending the life of your turbo.

The turbo cleaner treatment itself is simply a specially formulated chemical cleaner designed to dissolve carbon on a molecule level, a chemical neutraliser to wash away the chemical formula and a gold standard fuel treatment. The process itself is very simple and the entire treatment can be completed in a couple of hours.

So what have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing, clean your turbo today with Diesel Turbo Cleaner and save yourself £100s - £1000's in the future.

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Why Diesel Turbo Cleaner?

Diesel Turbo Cleaner is a specially designed set to solve problems of diesel engines in a fast and efficient way such as contamination and seizing of the variable geometry of turbos and catalysts caused by carbon residues. Ideal for all diesel engines with Variable Vane Turbos.

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Cars, vans, trucks and boats are relied on every day to keep a company running, many work vehicles such as vans and trucks have turbochargers which need to be maintained to keep them running efficiently. Don't run the risk of company downtime, talk to us today about trade and we could just save you a fortune.