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Diesel Turbo’s can be very faulty if not taken care of, and if not maintained properly can be very expensive and may require a number of visits to a mechanic, or even a completely new turbo.

Thankfully, there is an alternative; Diesel Turbo Cleaner is the solution. It can cure limp home mode, clogged turbos caused by carbon deposits, over boost fault code, faulty N75 valve, sticking engine actuator and faulty MAP sensor.

How Diesel Turbo Cleaner works:

It does its job by eliminating the root cause of the aforementioned problems, which is principally carbon build-up inside the turbo, which causes a significant decrease in your vehicle’s performance levels. The Diesel Turbo Cleaner kit comes complete with 6 pieces, 3 principal and the others subsidiary.

The Turbo Cleaner Part One

Diesel Turbo Cleaner part one is an effective cleaning agent that works dissolving the carbon deposits in your turbo charger at the molecular level; the great part is there is no need on your part to try to disassemble the charger.

Turbo Cleaner Part One - Correct Use

1. Put on protective gloves, eye and face wear

2. Shake Turbo Cleaner Part One well before use

3. Attach the precision nozzle to the Turbo Cleaner Part One can

4. Spray around 25% of the can into the turbo

5. Leave 10 minutes for the Turbo Cleaner chemical solution to start breaking down the carbon

6. Apply the rest of the Turbo Cleaner into the turbo

7. Now leave the Turbo Cleaner Part One solution in the turbo for 45 minutes

8. Move on to the Turbo Cleaner Part Two

The Turbo Cleaner Part Two

Diesel Turbo Cleaner part two represents the second stage of the cleaning process and functions as a neutralizer of the Turbo Cleaner Part One, and rinses it out as a combined accumulation of dirt and carbon.

Safety measures stated in Turbo Cleaner part one must be followed in the second Turbo Cleaning process to avoid any harm to human life.

The Diesel Fuel Gold Standard Treatment

Diesel Fuel Gold Standard Treatment is proverbial icing on the cake, as it is an enhancer to the diesel performance of your vehicle, producing complete combustion, which mean less carbon dioxide for your surrounding environs, and less of that annoying diesel noise. It also cleans the injectors, combustion chambers, and the pistons.

Extra supplies included in the kit are a pair of safety gloves, a turbo blanking card, and a spray nozzle.

Using Diesel Turbo Cleaner is a win-win situation in terms of car care, and prevention of carbon clogging your diesel turbo charger in the future. Not only is it easy to use, but each component in its kit, comes with a specified function that has a domino effect, building on the advantages of the other, leading to results that only keep money in your pocket and more clean air in your environment.

It's advantages are spreading worldwide, and satisfied customers are only encouraging others to try this new found solution to your turbo clogging needs. There’s a whole lot of carbon to lose and even more savings to gain, when you opt for the Diesel Turbo Cleaner. Why pay £100's - £1000's when you could save your turbo for £49.99.

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Why Diesel Turbo Cleaner?

Diesel Turbo Cleaner is a specially designed set to solve problems of diesel engines in a fast and efficient way such as contamination and seizing of the variable geometry of turbos and catalysts caused by carbon residues. Ideal for all diesel engines with Variable Vane Turbos.

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