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Arguably one of the most common questions in automotive history, what really is the difference between petrol and diesel? Hopefully this article will help you decide on what you should buy.

Deciding between buying a diesel or petrol car is one of the main things to think about when you want a new car. Even before you think about what make, model, shape of car you want to purchase you'll be thinking about if you want petrol or a diesel. Diesel cars are often considered to be expensive, loud and the smell they give off is not the most desirable. Although you do often get more miles out of your tank with a diesel, on the other hand petrol cars are cheaper to run and quieter.

Nowadays diesel cars are different, car companies have made massive strides into making diesel engines not only quieter but also cleaner. These car manufacturers are putting in a massive effort to make diesels even quieter and cleaner, whilst also working hard to make petrol more economical.

Selling a petrol and diesel

Generally petrol cars are around 10% cheaper to buy than a diesel. But, they don't hold as much value as a diesel. So if you do plan on getting petrol because it's cheaper, don't expect to get a great resale return, whereas a diesel may be more expensive to buy but they do hold value very well. It is generally said that diesels hold around 50% of their original value after 3 years and petrol holds 44% of its value.

For example, the Skoda Fabia petrol is around £5,000 cheaper than the Skoda Fabia diesel. Although if you buy the diesel equivalent of the Skoda Fabia you will get about 94 miles to the gallon during extra urban driving, whereas with the petrol you'll get around 60 miles to the gallon in the same driving conditions.

Counting up other costs

Diesels are much more efficient than petrol engines, so the CO2 levels are lower, therefore resulting in lower car tax liability, another plus for diesels. The price of insurance can vary depending on the model of car and can favour either petrol or diesel, ultimately shopping around is the best way to find cheaper insurance.

Go green

Diesel cars are so much more efficient than petrol engines, and use less fuel for a given mileage, obviously then causing much less damage to our precious environment (especially if fitted with a diesel particulate filter to trap the nasty soot-like emissions many associate with diesels).

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Why Diesel Turbo Cleaner?

Diesel Turbo Cleaner is a specially designed set to solve problems of diesel engines in a fast and efficient way such as contamination and seizing of the variable geometry of turbos and catalysts caused by carbon residues. Ideal for all diesel engines with Variable Vane Turbos.

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